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Acme Business Valuations specialized in licensed expert opinions as it relates to the valuation of businesses on behalf of clients throughout the United States and within closely-held businesses.

An appraisal by Maria Caudle, an objective appraisal by a Certified independent specialist. I perform business valuations to help you determine the Fair Market Value of your business to achieve a favorable selling price in the market.

Contact: Maria Caudle CMAP CMEA CVA EECA

Certified Valuation Analyst

Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional

Affiliate of Asset Business Appraisals

Member of M&A Source NACVA, NEBB, EIV

Tel. 949 400-1206

Tel. 323 970-8436

Tel. 702 553-5507

The Business Consultation

Involves the determination of true net profit or owner’s flow, a premises lease review determination of buyer’s return on investment or on return.

The Basic Letter Appraisal-involves the examination of one profit/loss statement and the determination of true net profit. It does not include the of information supplied by the owner of the value of fixtures, furniture equipment. 

The Management Information Appraisal

A valuation that includes an analysis of the last two to five financial key with industry standards, recasting profit/loss , real value asset analysis, up to eight different valuation methods, and a buyer/seller analysis

Includes an analysis of the last two to five financial key financial ratio comparison with industry standards, of profit/loss statements.

The Confidential Business Review (CBR) is a Business Plan with an integrated Management Information Appraisal. The CBR is positive in nature with all attempts to hi-lite the of the business. The CBR has credibility because it is prepared by an active business broker and incorporates both elements of a business plan and an appraisal. It contains information about the history of the business, the, or service, the industry, the market (both Local and National), the client or base, competitors, distribution channels, key personnel and operations, all tempered by current valuation technology.



Business Consultant     Financial Reporting      Business Analysis  Business Valuation * Estate & Gift Tax *Mergers & Acquisitions

Guiding businesses improvement and success.

SBA - Approved Business Valuations Specialist





Professional Service

Sole Proprietorship



Minority and interest

Closely held stock

Estate Taxes


Business dissolution

Determining true return on investment

Determining true net worth

Sales or of a business


Buy-Sell Agreement

Allocation of Value

Determining Goodwill

Exit Strategy

Intellectual Property

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